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community - key findings   

feeling part of the wider community

Section B then covered issues of community in terms of both the wider community in which people lived and the LGBT community in particular. Over half of respondents (57%, 519 respondents) stated that they felt part of the wider community, whilst 27% (244 respondents) did not.

Table 15: Wider community (pdf 13 kb)

is there an LGBT community?

58% of respondents (539 respondents) considered there to be an LGBT community in Scotland, whilst 13% (116 respondents) did not. This fell slightly to 42% (390 respondents) considering there to be an LGBT community in their region/city/town, whilst 21%(197 respondents) stated that this was not the case. 15% (139 respondents) were unsure.

Younger respondents were more likely to say that there was an LGBT community in Scotland (68%, 133 respondents) as were older respondents (68% aged 50+) than those aged 25 – 49 and this was also the case for the local area. Female respondents were also more likely to state that there was an LGBT community in Scotland (64%, 208 respondents) than males (55%, 308 respondents).

Table 16: LGBT Community (pdf 14 kb)

what does LGBT community mean?

Respondents were than asked to select from a range of different option to say what they felt LGBT community meant to them. The terms suggested included both positive and negative connotations and respondents were also given the opportunity to add other comments/definitions.

The four top responses were:

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