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"Hold Tight, Tight Hold" - A Project of Same-Sex Domestic Violence
Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership
Zero Tolerance
Men's Aid
Domestic Violence Data Source

"Hold Tight, Tight Hold" - A Project of Same-Sex Domestic Violence

The project raises awareness within LGBT communities, and within the agencies who provide support services to people experiencing domestic violence. It produces national resources that offer information and support strategies for individuals and agencies; develops skills, confidence and creativity in safe environment; help developing self-esteem.

Hold Tight, Tight Hold
44-46 Old Steine
Brighton BN1 1NH

tel: 01273 707 963
fax: 01273 774 232

Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership

The Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership aims to:

  • Promote a multi agency response to violence against women
  • Establish current level of service provision for women who have experienced violence, or whose children have experienced violence
  • Develop and improve services provided by statutory and voluntary organisations to ensure that services are accessible, and that they respond effectively and consistently to women who have experienced violence or whose children have experienced violence
  • Ensure improved protection for women and their children
  • Promote a community response to male violence, in support of abused women and to challenge abusive men, with the aim of reducing levels of violence against women and women's fear of violence


    Zero Tolerance

    The first Zero Tolerance campaign was launched in Edinburgh in November 1992 by Edinburgh District Council’s Women’s Committee. This was the first crime prevention campaign in Britain to tackle the issue of male violence against women and children. More than 10 years later, Zero Tolerance continues to work in partnership with organisations to develop and implement innovative awareness-raising campaigns,practice and resources. With a primary focus on prevention, they are continuing their ground-breaking work to inform policy and practice to ensure that wider inequalities are addressed in strategies to prevent male violence.

    Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust
    25 Rutland Street
    EH1 2AE

    tel: 0131 221 9505

    Men's Aid

    National charity supporting male victims of domestic violence, their children, family and friends.


    Domestic Violence Data Source

    Information co-ordinating system that collects, collates and monitors data on all projects relating to domestic violence within the UK and Ireland. Includes up to date information on medical, legal, social and other relevant research, support services, voluntary and statutory agencies, legal initiatives, available expertise and skills bases.

    Domestic Violence Data Source
    Department of Social and Political Science
    The Arts Building
    Royal Holloway
    University of London
    Egham TW20 0EX

    tel: 01784 414 138

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