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How do you help LGBT organisations? 

One of the key objectives of Beyond Barriers (UK) is to ensure that LGBT organisations are strong and sustainable. We are working with LGBT groups to encourage them to assess the type of service they offer and maximise the skills that exist within the organisation. The majority of LGBT organisations are under-resourced and receive little or no funding, which can limit their access to development and training opportunities. Through a survey of all Scottish LGBT organisations we hope to identify the areas of training required and from that develop a training programme that will meet those needs (through "How to..." guide, e-learning modules and where available, face-to-face training).

We aim to encourage LGBT organisations to work in partnership, sharing ideas and resources. There are several excellent examples of this type of joint working, where local forums have been formed that include all interested LGBT organisations. We hope to promote this method of joint working and facilitate the establishment of similar projects across Scotland.

If you are a member of an LGBT organisation and think that we might be able to help or would like to talk to us about the work your organisation is doing, please get in touch Click here to email the COmmunity Development Officer

If you have a question about the Beyond Barriers (UK) project that is not included in this section, click here

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