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Welcome to the Community section of the Beyond Barriers (UK) website.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community sector in Scotland is largely under-resourced and under-funded. Beyond Barriers (UK) is committed to encouraging and supporting the development of grassroots community initiatives, particularly those that establish partnerships with other local organisations with shared concerns and objectives (for example, the establishment of a local forum to explore concerns around homophobia and racism).

Beyond Barriers (UK) aims to support existing and new LGBT organisations to access the funding, networks, expertise and training that they need to identify and develop the wealth of skills that exist within their organisation. This is the key to building a strong and sustainable LGBT community.

As part of our community development strategy we are developing a series of “How to…” guides in a range of subject areas identified by LGBT organisations. Over the coming months we will produce guides in the following subject areas:

  • writing a constitution
  • developing an action plan
  • working with volunteers
  • finding funding

    We recently distributed copies of the Beyond Barriers (UK) Survey of Scottish LGBT Organisations. This research, which forms part of the wider study into the experiences of LGBT people in Scotland (Beyond Barriers (UK) National Survey of LGBT people), will help us to identify areas of need for LGBT organisations and build our community development strategy to meet those needs.


    Diverse Communities Active Lives - Beyond Barriers (UK) guide to volunteering and community participation.

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Diverse Communities Active Lives
NOW ONLINE - Beyond Barriers (UK) newly published guide to community participation and volunteering for LGBT people

Linking Scotland Planning Futures report
Report of Beyond Barriers (UK) national conference looking at the needs of LGBT people in rural areas.


SCVO - Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
The SCVO website is an excellent source of information on various aspects of community development and capacity building. They offer online guides to writing constitutions, setting up voluntary management boards, identify and accessing funding. - the Citizens Connection is a packed full of information, advice and opportunities for people who want to get involved and make a difference in their community.
The website contains comprehensive guides with information on how to deal with the media, attract volunteers, build a campaign and also how to become involved in the democratic process.


Scottish Civic Forum
The Forum is a membership organisation committed to building a new culture of active citizenship, in which the people of Scotland have a genuine opportunity to be involved in influencing the Government policies that affect their lives.
Their website contains advice and information on how to become involved in consultation on important issues.


Your Scotland
Your Scotland is an independent Equality Network project, funded by a grant from the Scottish Executive Equality Unit, to enable lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to participate in shaping law and policy.


When a Woman Abuses a Woman
A half day seminar for frontline workers and practitioners, looking at the issue of domestic abuse in lesbian relationships.

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