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How to become a School Board member   

School boards were introduced in 1988 as part of government policy to encourage parents to get more involved in their children's school. Through them, parents, teachers and other members in the community have the opportunity to influence what happens in their local school.

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What does the role involve?
What will I get out of this?
What will I be expected to give back?
What skills do I need?
How much time will I be expected to give?
How do I get involved?

What does the role involve?

Being a School Board member is a valuable service to the school and the community. You are helping to ensure a good education for future generations by creating a partnership between parents and teachers for the benefit of the education of our young people. The work is responsible and sometimes demanding. People from all backgrounds have found it to be a worthwhile and rewarding way of serving the community.

School Boards have certain formal duties, powers and rights but it is up to each Board to decide how active they wish to be. School Board members are involved in:

  • promoting good relationships between the school, parents and the local community
  • appointing senior staff, e.g.. Head Teacher, Depute and Assistant Head Teacher posts
  • approving school finances

    School Board members are involved in determining the overall policies, objectives and ethos at the school. Boards have a special duty to promote good relationships between the school, its parents and the community and also form a channel for the flow of information between these groups.

    As a Board member you will need to maintain a keen interest in children and their parents. You do not need to have a professional knowledge of education to be a School Board member. You simply need to be willing to learn about the school and the school system as you go along.

    What will I get out of this?

    As a School Board member you will have a say in how your local school is run and how it develops. You will also have the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge through experience. You will receive useful information about educational issues and be given the opportunity to attend a wide range of training courses organised by your School Board or by the Scottish School Board Association.


    What will I be expected to give back?

    Your skills - writing letters, taking minutes, communicating with parents, teachers and officials. The role of School Board member is not necessarily time consuming but the role will require a small time commitment.


    What skills do I need?

    You do not require any specific knowledge or experience. However, the following interests and qualities are important:

  • an interest in education
  • good communication
  • willingness to learn about the school

    How much time will I be expected to give?

    A few hours each month.


    How do I get involved?

    If you have a child at the school then you should receive a letter notifying you that the school board is looking for members. Although parents are the largest group on the school board, members can also be “co-opted” from the local community. The school and your local education authority (through your local council) should be able to tell you more about the school board in your area. For more information about becoming involved in school boards you should contact the Scottish School Boards Association.

    Useful Contacts

    Scottish School Board Association
    Newall Terrace
    DG1 1LW

    tel: 01387 260-428

    For details of how to contact your local education authority you can visit the Parentzone Scotland website:

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