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Other ways to get involved – arts and culture

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community has had a long and illustrious relationship with arts and culture. From music, dance, photography, design, fine arts, in fact all things creative, you can see the influence of LGBT people at every level. The arts have an incredible ability to help overcome barriers, broaden and promote cultural awareness, explore issues and allow individuals to develop their own creative skills.

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Volunteer with a community arts group
Become a volunteer museum or art gallery guide
Help promote the arts
How do I get involved?

Tens of thousands of volunteers directly contribute their time and efforts to arts and culture each year. Many arts and culture volunteering opportunities are accessed through the national network of volunteering centres across the country.

The Scottish Executive is committed to promoting the arts in Scotland. In 2003 they published Scotland’s National Cultural Strategy, which highlighted the importance of community participation and volunteering in arts and culture.

''   “(The Scottish Executive aims to) increase the numbers across all communities taking part in voluntary activities, including cultural activities  ''
Creating Our Future, Minding Our Past – Scotland’s National Cultural Strategy, 2003   

The area of art and culture offers a huge range of opportunities for potential volunteers. The possibilities are (relatively) endless! Some opportunities will require a greater level of experience or skill than others; however, commitment and enthusiasm are essential for all of these opportunities. Whatever your interest, experience or skills there should be a role to suit you.

Volunteer with a community arts group

There are hundreds of community arts groups across Scotland, covering a wide range of activities from poetry to pottery and from dance to digital arts with many other forms in between. You could use your creative skills to support young people to express themselves through art, help mental health service users to gain confidence through participating in group singing and musical activities or get involved with your local amateur dramatic club, either on stage or behind the scenes.

Become a volunteer museum or art gallery guide

Many of the guides you see in museums and galleries across Scotland are volunteers. This is a great opportunity for anyone with an interest in arts, culture or heritage. Volunteer guide normally receive training, which gives you the chance to develop your knowledge of art and culture and gain some useful, practical skills, such as guiding techniques and communication skills.

Help promote the arts

If you are not an artist but would still like to participate then there are still opportunities for you. You could become a board member of an arts organisation (such as the Wee Stories Theatre for Children or Scottish Youth Theatre), or help fundraise or sell tickets for exhibitions.

How do I get involved?

The best way to find out about arts and culture opportunities is by contacting your local volunteer centre. They hold a database of current opportunities and will be able to help you identify the role that is right for you.

Useful Contacts

The Scottish Arts Council website contains a comprehensive list of links to arts organisations across Scotland.


Voluntary Arts Network (Scotland) aims to promote participation in arts and crafts by supporting the development of the voluntary arts sector

PO Box 200

tel: 0131 313 2555

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