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how to guides

what are how to...guides

Increasing LGBT visibility...helping people in your local communities...finding funding for your group...making your opinion heard...

Beyond Barriers (UK) is about giving LGBT people the tools to do all of this and more!

We hope that our how to... guides will empower and enable LGBT people to become more active as citizens. This can mean a number of things:

  • writing a letter about LGBT equality issues to your local newspaper
  • finding funding for your LGBT group
  • joining with an anti-racist group in your area to work on issues of racism and homophobia
  • starting a community safety forum in your neighbourhood
  • getting involved with your local authority to improve services for LGBT people

    ...and so much more!

    Over the coming months we will be producing a series of how to... guides in a range of areas. So, watch this space!

    If you would like us to contact you when new how to... guides are added to this section, then please email us: click here to email the team

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